The Uncertainty principle

NOT a rant about Heisenberg or Breaking bad. What I want to talk about is a common phenomenon, which every one of us encounter at least once a week.

Here's the scenario:
We present an idea to clients. They pass on their feedback. It goes to production, everyone is happy.

The problem arises when the idea is a bit off the trodden path. The clients aren't that sure anymore. Granted, the output was based on the requirements they provided - but why is it different from the normal?

 No one has the guts to ask, or understand the reason when explained. This is where the uncertainty principle kicks in.

They start nitpicking over details which have nothing to do with the final product, like the colour of the 8th flower from the left in the background image.
Why? because it is easier to find the flaws instead of saying 'Go ahead' or 'No'. 
Everyone wants to contribute, but no one wants the responsibility. 
They're afraid that if others disagree, they'll be the laughing stock.
We will remain mediocre if we concentrate on 'Not making things wrong' instead of 'Making things great'.


The road to recovery

1. Acceptance.
The most difficult of them all. I have been one way all this while, and hearing others say that it is wrong is usually a reason to go 'fuck you people, I am living my life my way'. Accepting that they were actually right? almost impossible.

2. Regression.
The 'how could I have been so dumb' part. This is where I go into self loathing (different from the regular kind, because it usually involves remembering every mistake ever did).

3. Research.
Finding out how to make things better. Figuring what I need to flick out of my head and what actually is worth retaining. Tedious, form the looks of it.

4. Rage.
The difficulty of translating research into practice results in this. Stay away from me for a while, all of you.

5. Realization.
That all of the above were useless. Someone else will have problems with the new me, and being the same old me wasn't much different. This is where I say 'fuck you people, I am living my life my way' (different from the first point because this time I actually mean it).


Dear Father.

I should thank my dad's bosses for screwing things up so much that he had to come to Bangalore to fix them. Made an uneventful Father's day a memorable one.

We didn't do much. We cooked lunch, finished chores and talked. After a long, long time. Reminded me of the days when I was small and used to ask dad silly questions, which he answered in a way that a 6 year old could understand.

Things got difficult, he started working to keep us afloat and I missed him.

Then came the inevitable teenage years and with them, the feeling of "my dad doesn't know".

Yesterday was different. I was that kid again, and he, the hero I adored. We argued about a lot of things, just like the old days. I realised he still thinks I don't know much, just like the old days.

This time though, I know he is right. And there's so much to learn from him. Especially the cooking part.



Once there was a fish,
Who though it could do a lot more.
It said, 'Only if it got out of the water,
Every moment can have so much in store'.

It jumped out one day,
Started gasping for breath.
Thought it couldn't live a second longer,
And the only certainty was death.

Funnily though, nothing much changed.
Everything was done easily, yet felt strange.

It said 'water was bad for me, I am better off here',
And the priorities were rearranged.

It lived for long, and did everything it wanted to,
But being away from water had its effects too.
Working hard to live without it
Made sure it didn't enjoy anything new.

Was it worth it, the getting away?
I don't know what to say.
But one thing I know -
I wouldn't feel lonely at the end of every day.


Man of steel

It has been a ritual of sorts for me and my brother to watch superhero movies on big screen from a long time.

The movie is just a reason to lose ourselves for a while, suspend reality and watch people defy physics.

But of late, these movies are turning more realistic. A decade or so ago, we'd not have seen superman cry or iron man contemplate his inner strength.

I blame Mr.Nolan for bringing this on us. He showed us these fictional characters can be humans too. And everyone is jumping on the wagon batman thought was his own.

Though I rue the lack of pure action, somewhere I appreciate the way things have turned out. Makes me feel I can be like them too, that I can conquer my kryptonite and make this world a better place.

Even if it is for a moment, I feel my worries and fears can be laid to rest.

And by the way, 'man of steel' makes 'avengers' look like a low budget indie film.


The joy of not doing anything

I feel that I am wasting my time if I am not doing anything. If not work, it is cooking, cleaning, reading , writing - something that keeps me occupied.

Today, after a long time, I did nothing for a few hours. Purposely kept everything away. And I was genuinely surprised to see that I felt better.

I went ahead and did more than my fair of work in the next few hours, but that's not the point.

The daily rush to get ahead makes sure I don't get enough time to, as the expression puts it, 'stop and smell the flowers'.

After today's experience, I'm going to do this often.