A “Musical” Flashback

“Khushnuma, Aawara sa besabab, bechara sa lamha tha..”
He turned around. finding the origin of the song wasn’t difficult; afterall, there was only one TV in that station. He put his bags down.

“Zindagi, ke aasma mein toota sa, woh taara tha tanha tha..”

This was definitely interesting.

“Keh Rahe Hain Zarre Dekho, Raaston Se Guzra Tha Yahan..”

“Dhoondhte Hain Usko Lekin, Gaayab Hain Pairon Ke Nishaan..”

“How come”, he thought, “this song started playing as soon as I started thinking about my last sojourn?”

“Lamha yeh jaayega kahaan..”

This was something one hardly expects. Just as it is in the movies- flashbacks accompanied by music. He was reminded of an obscure quote: “The only problem with life is it doesn’t have background music.”

“Lamha yeh jaayega kahaan………”

He Paused.

The music didn’t.

He smiled.

“Lamha Kahaan yeh kho gaya…”

It was not long ago that he had decided to come out of his comfort zone. He was down, and almost out. He had realised his mistakes, and tried to correct them. He succeeded in some, failed in some.But finally, he was trying.

“Ek pal mein tanha ho gaya…”

He reached home. His life was getting better- not as good as it was before he strayed out into the ravines, but better than the trenches he lived in. He stayed detached.

It took a small kid to change that. His brother. It had to be a kid- nobody can infuse enthusiasm like a kid does. He started smiling: he started to appreciate even the smallest of gifts that came his way.

He returned to his college, completed his studies.. and promptly went home.

Little did he know what life had in store for him.

“Aaye jo mausam naye…”

He was trying to come out of his shell, his comfort zone. It was a new beginning.

“manzar badal jaayenge..”

It was difficult: you cant start grinning overnight. It is a slow process- but a rewarding one.

“Shakhon se patte gire..”

There was an easier way: bringing out the child in oneself. He slowly moved himself from the books, and started harmless pranks of which he was a master in his primary school.

“ Gir Ke Kidhar Jaayenge..”

Yup, the guy was changing. He started make fun of himself; a goof who knows nothing but is always ready for something funny was way better than the one who sits in corners and reads all the time.

There weren’t many takers: the ones who were troubled just gave a smile and carried on. It was (a bit) frustrating.

Then he met a cute little gal- Lets call her Chutki. their aptitude for pranks was similar; and they were the primary targets of each other.

Finally, the days were fun again.

“Keh Rahe Hain Zarre Dekho, Raaston Se Guzra Tha Yahan…”

Imagine this: you are getting comfortable with an environment, you enjoying it, and suddenly you are ostracized from it. Feels bad,right? But nothing could’ve been done. He obliged.

“Dhoondhte Hain Usko Lekin, Gaayab Hain Pairon Ke Nishaan..”

“Lamha Yeh Jaayega Kahan, Lamha Yeh Jaayega Kahan..”

The new environment was not as bad as he had imagined. Most of the people were the ‘responsive’ types, and he started to feel good about everything that happened. Imagine the best thing that ever happened to you, and multiply it by 40. those were the happiest days.

Just like a dream.

“Lamha Kahan Yeh Kho Gaya..”

Dreams are all the same- they bring immense joy, some altercations, and truckloads of happiness; except for the fact that they end differently. This was relatively smaller one, but infinitely more memorable than many longer ones.

“Ik Pal Main Tanha Ho Gaya..”

“Shabnam Ka Katra Hai Yeh, Sholey Bhujha Jaayega…”

He had made a few friends; found a Pardner- who shared almost all things he was passionate about; a Duplicate- who had a 180 degree view to almost everything he supported; a frustrated(!) soul; a dancer; and above all, a Doc whom he was missing a lot.

They had their moments; some up, and a few down. They enjoyed them all. Whatever the condition was, they managed to laugh.

“Kar Jaayega Aankhe Nam, Yaadon Main Bas Jaayega..”

Different characters of the play were posted to faraway places. Some stayed together, some were left alone. But the times they had together- were carved into his memory.

“Baarishon Ki Boonde Barse, Baadalon Ke Dil Halke Hue..”

Everything came back rushing- as if they happened microseconds ago. He couldn’t control himself.

He smiled again.

“Jaane Pehchane Chehron Ke Aks Bhi Kyon Dhundhle Hue..”

The song continued.

Lamha Yeh Jaayega Kahan..”

“Lamha Yeh Jaayega Kahan..”

Train whistled. He ran to his coach. Took a last glimpse of the TV from his berth. The song was about to end.

“Tanha Yeh Jaayega Kahan..”

“Tanha Yeh Jaayega Kahan..”

P.S: the song whose lyrics are featured here are of the movie “Dil Dosti Etc”. Listen to it if you like soft/folk rock. Listen to it if you like songs which make sense. Listen to it if you stay with your friends.

And Listen to it if you stay away from them.

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