This is about a batchmate par excellence; almost all of out class have looked up to him for help in one technical matter or the other. Reserved and quiet for almost all the time, he commanded respect (which he truly deserved, solely for his programming skills). Yet, this story doesn’t say a word about his coding prowess.

It was a day when all of us had to endure a lot of criticisms for not listening in the class. Not that all of us indulged in off-key behavior during classes-only a handful of us did (because we hardly understood anything) and the rest had to suffer the acrimony of the ‘facilitators’.

Our CR came and informed us “Hum log mushkil mein pad gaye hain.. in worst case humara ILP extend ho sakta hai..” it caused an immediate commotion. Almost everybody was tensed; me n Pardner, of course, being ataractics, laughed through the matter; but the tension in the class was obvious.

Then spoke the man. All he did was to ask one question to the CR: “arre extend ho jaayega toh sab saath mein rahenge na?” CR took a second and replied in the affirmative. “toh theek hai na”, said he. “kya problem hai?”

Ok, now the assessment of importance of the dialogue. This person hardly, if ever interacted with us- except perhaps in the necessary conditions. When someone like him, who has no reason to get his training extended, has no qualms with it, then why should anybody else?

Not many of the class heard it- they were busy discussing what the future held. But those events which loomed large over us for a couple of days brought us together. And I’m really glad I was a part of such a magnificent bunch.

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