Rewired 'Feel'ings..

“Hell”, he cursed. The draft had to be submitted the next day. Not a single letter of it was in bits.

He glanced at his cell. It was nearing 2330. He had ten, possibly twelve hours to complete the task.

“Better get started” he thought. PC was switched on- and after what looked like an eternity, the system booted.

He started winamp, and loaded some old playlist. As the music thumped from his headphones, lines followed to appear on the text editor.

Songs were being played in linear fashion. He clicked the shuffle option hastily and pressed the next button.

Robbie Williams- Feel.

“Nice song”, he said to himself. “It has been a while”. A pleasant distraction from what he was doing. His concentration shifted towards the on the words, rather than the music.

It evoked a plethora of feelings; never the one to pay attention to lyrics, he was surprised. “How did I miss this in the first place?”

Ok, the song finished, and he was in all sorts of thoughts. “Ok, time to move on”, he thought.

It wasn’t that easy.

Robbie’s unhurried voice started again.

Turns out that he had pressed the ‘repeat present track’ button instead of ‘repeat all’. He contemplated changing the song for a second. Then he closed his eyes, and concentrated on whatever image the song painted in the vacant area of his (so-called) mind.

Ah, the images. All his past mistakes kept flashing by. And all the good times too. He started to realize how close his tiny little life has been to the lyrical description Robbie gave. The draft and the consequences were completely forgotten. All he wanted to do at that moment was to meet the singer; and ask him how did he pen something like that.

Oh. This was one of the images that flashed through his mind some thirty seconds ago. And there he sat, listening to the same song- again and again.

Is it possible for someone to hear a song- say a gazillion times- and not to get bored? Weird, isn’t it? However good the music is, however great the lyrics might be, listening to the same song over and over again sounds boring. And it is, in most of the cases.

I thought the same. Listening to the same song twice in an hour irritates the hell out of me. Until I ‘Discover’ed Feel- by Robbie Williams.

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