Juno: What do you think?

Was Switching channels- Paused on HBO for a few moments.

“Chicks with attitude” was being aired. The name certainly caught my attention- and the person being profiled was Linda Hamilton- Terminator 2. She was at position 4.

Next was Halle Berry (for Die another day) and Carrie- Ann Moss followed; 3 and 2 respectively. After a brief recap of all the position holders, Gorgeous Jolie was declared No.1- for Tomb Raider.

I started wondering why the program was titled “Chicks with attitudes”.

All the roles listed had absolute no emotional content. Attitude doesn’t mean picking a big gun and blowing the heads off villains, Dude. Call it bravery, cool- whatever you want. Not attitude.

Think I know one. Juno- portrayed by Ellen Page. She is witty, sarcastic (in a good way), never hesitates to make fun of herself, uber-cool… write any superlative you want, and add ‘loads of attitude’. The way this girl handles the problems that cometh her way- no words can express feelings which rush upon you when you see her throwing one witty comment after another- with hands on her pregnant belly all the time.

Answer to "why do I think this is the first ‘Has-It’ girl I have seen (in Hollywood, mind you...)" First. The movies I have seen till now- either have women as secondary characters, love interests who provide great amount of support to the Male while he saves the world single handedly(or help him in the quest…), or the lead (which could be worded ‘Lead attraction’ for clarity) this lead would be trying everything in this damned world to gain the affection of that ‘perfect guy’. If the movie is more ‘woman- centric’ the girl would be a rebel; someone who shouts at everything to have her way.

Juno brought a refreshing change to this trend. She isn’t the Laguna Beach type- she never is bothered about ‘Falling’ in love with the best guy in school. She doesn’t cut herself all over either. She is a normal, typical teenage girl, who has her own share of problems… and decides to confront them. She respects her parents, asks for their opinions, but sticks to her decision. She’s intelligent- and has her own way with words. She has that 'typical' teenage attitude too- that unprotected sex (naive, reckless, foolhardy..) and she confronting Bleeker before prom (dumb) remind us that this girl is, afterall, normal.

OK, I can’t do justice to this job. Watch the movie (if you haven’t) and you’ll know why.

I love this Gal!

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