Riding one's Life

Trivia: This post has some connection to the very first mumbling.

How- that’s your job. There really IS a connection- hats off if you get it right ;o)

Ok, back to serious stuff. This is about Roadies 5.0 theme- Heard it moments ago. Wanted to hear it from a long time, but the absence of TV (and when TV arrived, lack of free time during weekends) kept me waiting forever. Think I was lucky today- What else can one call arriving at 1855 IST, and finding roomies watching MTV?

And the song started. Music was mostly instrumental, not exactly the ‘Easy rider’ kind (umm... Sweet home alabama- or any biker song of your choice), and some impromptu ‘words of wisdom’ from Raghu. Then words started pouring in.

I could do nothing but smile.

Ok, the song doesn’t pack a punch- or do justice to that ‘Roadie’ Spirit (whatever that means) but if you really like going on long rides just for the heck of it, You WILL smile.

I could relate to every word of the song (except perhaps the last part of the first line- “Ghar Se Hum Chale, Bas Ek Backpack Aur Ek Guitar…” way too romantic, way too impractical.) Truly nomadic in every sense. The exact words- and what do I take from them:

Ghar Se Hum Chale, Bas Ek Backpack Aur Ek Guitar
Paison Ki Fikar Nahi, Bike Pe Hum Sawaar
Raahon Ki Hai Khabar, Na Manzil Ka Hai Pata
Phir Bhi Chal Diye, Jaane Ab Hoga Kya
Oh Oh, Oh Yeah, Okay!
Jeet Lenge Yaar..

Ok, I don’t know how many will agree with this- the best rides never have a predetermined destination. The best practice, I think, is to pick a road- and keep going. Zen and art of motorcycle maintenance says “the machine has a mind of its own... leave it alone, and it will guide you…” or something like that. And I fully subscribe to that view.

Hai Yeh Aadhi Par Cutting Hai Zindagi
Kal Thi Easy Ab Kathin Hai Zindagi
Ghar Pe Baithe Doston Ko Kya Mila
Hai Safar Yeh Puncturon Ka Silsila

Bit on the melancholic side- but this really is the reason I go for a ride. To escape from the daily grind. Somehow, staying hungry for hours together or fixing a flat tire in the scorching sun looks easy when compared to the monotonous thing(s) I do for a living now.

Jaane Kahaan Le Jaayega
Khwabon Ka Hai Yeh Karvaan
Jo Chal Sako Tum Bhi Chalo Yaaron
Apni Hi Dhun Mein Main Chala
Oh Oh, Oh Yeah, Okay!
Jeet Lenge Yaar!

One really feels relaxed when there is an empty road and nowhere to go. I tend to marvel at the smallest sign of beauty- a crane cleaning itself, paddy fields swaying in unison, clouds and sun racing against each other, wind swooshing around my ear… everything seems perfect; and I’m damn sure it is.

Ab Kissi Bhi Baat Ka Mujhe Darr Nahi
Mushkilon Se Hi To Hai Himmat Meri
Khelni Hai Aakhri Baazi Yahi
Ab Safar Hi Ban Gayi Manzil Meri
Raaste Wohi, Raahi Naye
Raatein Wohi, Sapnay Naye
Jo Hum Chalen Chalte Rahe Yaaron
Chhoo lenge Hum Aasmaan
Oh Oh, Oh Yeah, Okay!
Jeet Lenge Yaar

What I like about the ride- I dictate the pace. The control one has is of utmost importance. Being a newbie and harboring an independent soul at the same time- we hardly get time to do something our way.

“Follow the rules to the T, and you will make great amends in your career” was what we were taught during our training.

What about doing something on a hunch?

“No, it’s risky. Follow the tested methods.”

This is where riding on an impulse helps. Unwinding the stress, relieving the pressure… and getting ready for another arduous month.

Someday, I hope, this riding on an impulse thing percolates into my everyday living. Hope I would gain courage to take up things I really want to do. Say things I have always wanted to say.

In other words- I hope I’d treat my life as if it were a ride.

Jeet Lenge Yaar
Jeet Lenge Yaar
Jeet Lenge Yaa aaa aaaa aaar!!!

Thanks for the song, guys.

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