Tale Of Two Flicks..

I still haven’t recovered from “Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na” effect. Was watching Kung Fu Panda a few hours ago; would have loved the movie if I had watched it some other time. But- due to that disappointment titled Jaane tu- all I can think is “so what, an obese panda overcomes its shortcomings to conquer the world. What’s the big deal?”

I think the directors/producers of the movie must put a disclaimer at the beginning of every movie: “please do not center the movie hall with any expectations” or “The promos and music of the film does NOT indicate anything about the strength of storytelling in the movie.” Ok, I knew it was a romantic/teenager movie (no watcher, in other terms) but the pre-release shouts were so loud- one would easily believe this is going to be a path breaking movie. Aamir khan saying “Imran or no Imran, I’d support the film”, Abbas Tyrewala’s “I chose this script because it was the most commercial (masala) one I had”… werwe bound to bring the curious crowd in.

All expectations took a huge blow in the first scene. Third person narrations have to try really hard to connect to the audience, and this one doesn’t even try. Ok, debut nerves, forgiven. But the collection of old, not so funny jokes? The stereotyped friends(a Gujju with an accent, for heavens sake!) Frustration seeps in quote naturally.

Only thing gone right-and I mean the ONLY thing- is the cast. Imran and Genelia are not only cute- they manage to keep audience hooked. Ratna Pathak Shah, Naseeruddin Shah, Paresh Rawal, Arbaaz n Sohail… everyone performs admirably; even the stereotypes. But the pick of the lot- has to be Pratiek Babbar. The role is short, I agree; but he makes his presence felt in every frame he gets to appear. ‘steals the scenes’ is the cliché I was looking for.

No, I’m not asking you to skip the movie; watch it by all means. It has moments of brilliance- like that “coca-cola, on the rocks” and the waiter’s “sambhal ke, boss” line, and my favorite scene, where Ratna Pathak Shah is shocked to see a sobbing Genelia being led into the house. Imran explains that she has just realised college is finally over. Genelia nods, saying she doesn't know where the last five years vanished. Shah, never the one to miss a beat, replies: “On the phone, beta. On the phone.”

But please don't expect something (refreshingly) different.
And do not purchase black tickets!

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Sourabh said...

tat was one of the worst movie i have seen till now! i haven read ur blog on it! jus leaving a comment when i read jaane tu.. lets c if our thoughts match!