B Positive!

Was chatting with Pardner yesterday, and the talk, invariably, turned towards my 'khokla' future. This time, I think, I managed to convince him that come what may, I aint gonna ruin it. the explanation I gave inspired this bunch of words. Hope you get the meaning- if not, I'd be more than glad to explain :)

The argument runs once more,
My thoughts clash again-
inside of my head is a fights galore.

The normal part sits and sees,
while the practical one shouts at ease.
“The romantic’s hopeless”, he says,
“falling in a well with no base.”

Romantic looks up,
gives a sad look.
Mutters silently, “without me-
you’d never be off the hook.”

Suggests practical “but it’ll end in tears;
There’d be lot of heartache.”
Says romantic: “the happiness I get now,
why put that at stake?”

Practical gives up,
asks for a word.
“Do what you want,
but never put self on sword.”

“Love’d never hurt”,
mumbles the romantic.
practical smiles,
never the one to panic.

“All the best”, says he.
“I’d be here for help
if it doesn’t turn the way WE want it to be.”

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