Dreams- n Olympics...

Beijing fever is on. I never thought Olympic would catch the fancy of this cricket crazy nation- but the heroics of Phelps, Bolt and our own Bindra ensured most of us kept track of the proceedings (the commentators tried their level best to keep us away, though).
There were a few performances- filler items, basically- showcased when no big news was available. Just have a look.

Oscar Pistorious
This guy was big news before Olympics- pity he didn’t get a chance to participate. The argument against his inclusion was “His prosthetic legs give him an unfair advantage.” I have a question: From when having no legs become an advantage to a runner, Sir? No matter what scientific s#!t one gives, Mr. Pistorious deserves better than legal mess he was in. hope he kicks some serious able-bodies a$$ (a*$e in UK) in years to come, and yeah, wins gold in 2012.

Eric Shanteau
There’s a fine line between foolishness and bravery, they say. And media made this guy look like some fool, only to glorify him days later. Yeah, postponing treatment (he has testicular cancer) to take part in Olympics might look like an act of a madman for some. For me, you were the ultimate hero, one who was ready to defy anything that came in the way of his dream. I really felt bad when your relay team lost.

Natalie du Toit
Hats off, Ma’m. You competing and subsequently completing the 10 km swimming marathon were more than a victory for many of us. But not you; you were disappointed by your performance. From what I have seen- you were (and are) capable of a podium finish: hope you live up to your expectations the next time.

If there’s a better exhibition of the undying spirit and the will to succeed-come what may, I’d like to see it.


gm said...

nice blog

Jello said...

interesting read! my television set's antenna doesn't receive adequate reception, thus i can't really catch the olympics... at all. plus my chums don't even fill me in. thanks!