Rock On!

Spot- on.
The story, The casting (other than the Rampal's moustache and the body languages of Purab and Luke Kenny), The Music and The lyrics (more than anything else), The direction… everything is real great. And yeah, bit scary (what if the same happens to us?) too.

When one looks at it, the story is very simple, very much clich├ęd. One can easily predict each and every scene right from the beginning, but not many would mind. The story revolves around 4 friends, who get separated in a mad moment of anger, and their (at first, awkward) reunion. oh, Music-which I thought would be the lead- turns out to be the supporting cast.

The roles are well- thought; the film is mainly about Male bonding, but the women in the film, who didn’t get much exposure in the trailers, actually are the surprise packages. The young musicians who think the world is at their feet- slowly realize how ‘real’ the real world is; their friendship takes a beating, and viola, ten years gone. But events do take a turn, and mainly due to Aditya (Farhan)’s wife- the band gets together once again. Actually, it’s not the story that takes the center stage, but the narration; the bits and pieces that everyone can relate to. Farhan shouting “yeah I had to compromise, but who doesn’t do that in this world?” strikes a chord; so does the shouting of Arjun Rampal’s wife at his inability to find work.

Ah, the direction. I’d remember one small scene which most would not even notice - The barely noticable shiver Farhan Akhtar gets when he meets his friends after ten years- brilliantly executed. Same could be said of Prachi Desai singing “ajeeb dastaan hai ye”; very much normal an occurrence, where an ordinary person is forced to sing. The vulnerability, the hesitance… the blend was just right.

The only complaint that I have- is that ‘Zehreelay’ song wasn't shown in full :)

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