Too much cricket!

Opened Cricinfo (as usual), and got a mild shock: the headline said “South Africa pulls out of Champions trophy”. The pull-out was almost certain- but I expected either NZ or Australia to start the proceedings. Australia haven’t toured Pakistan in a decade; NZ players can rival any bollywood actor for the sheer amount of drama they showcased :)

But SA? This country toured Pak last year, for gods sake. Conditions were much worse then, and the tour went ahead without much trouble. Why are they behaving like this now?

The best thing to do- scrap Champs trophy. We have enough world tournaments to keep us busy (and happy). The knockout format was kinda good, a filler event between world cups. But now we have T20 world cup to serve the purpose; why persist with something which nobody cares about? The amount of cricket played nowadays-tires players out alright, but it’s downright taxing for the spectators too. Mercy, ICC!

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