Borrow another day!

A small piece of advice for all guys: If you have to borrow something from a friend, please ask him/her before you could do so.

We moved to a new (and big, and cheap) house this Sunday. Lots of stuff got mixed up during transportation; took almost 3 days to get everything in place.

This morning, I thought of trimming my pubes, but couldn’t find the scissors which were marked for that specific job. I hadn’t seen it since the last trim; “lost”, I thought, and made a mental note to get a new one in the evening.

Everything was going fine, and after an hour or so- went to kitchen to get a cup of tea. One of my roomies was getting ready for office; you know, the usual scrapping, cutting, and washing to comply with the latest HR policies of the company. I could see him trimming his moustache. 

The scissors looked discomfortingly familiar.

 “Where did you find them?” queried I.

 “No, my scissors were kinda blunt, and I borrowed yours.”


 “last month, I think. Don’t worry, I’ll get you a new one this eve.” 

Do you know how difficult it is to utter “OK/sure” while suppressing a laugh?


Sriram JP said...

There is nothing which is personal in a bachelor's room

prash said...

which of ur roomie was it :-D