Renewing decisions

“Done and Dusted”, thought his lethargic mind.

 Suggested “A bit of compromise, yes, but its fine… I needn’t put much effort, and even if I have to- it’d be mechanical. Not much of a bother”.

 “Somewhere in the future, you’ll laugh at what you wanted to be” added to emphasize its position.

 But the heart had some reservations.

 “Are you sure you’d be able to laugh at your dream?”

 Mind didn’t respond; the first sign of confusion.

 “You’ll never be able to go out if you’re afraid of the rain… ok- you might get royally drenched, catch some cold, feel awful for a few days, but then- there’ll be sun, and long open roads”, it continued. 

He wasn’t convinced yet; “but…”

 “Ok, buddy. Take some time; get some rainwear, some medicines, some travel insurance… but you have to leave in a short while.”

 Everything was clear now; the words finally came out of his mouth. “Yes; I’ll do it.”

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Sriram JP said...

Dude it not the rain or sunshine its big ocean out there ,one needs to have a boat and also know how to drive and if at all somethings happens to boat he needs to know swimming