In Too Deep

Walking with a heavy heart,
Noticed it had a small mole;
Kept growing in size,
Its now a full-fledged black hole.

Staring at the void now,
Wondering how deep would it be.
Thoughts wander along its depth,
Felt “there goes my chance to be just me.”

Trying to laugh it all away,
Or think it was a fabulous dream;
But the heart knows some things too,
And all it wants- is to scream.

“Don’t resign to the fate”, it says,
“Try to do something!
How can you let go something so wonderful,
It wasn’t just another fling.”

“Aright”, I try to agree,
But reality allows me not.
“ok, I’ll do what I can”, I think,
That faint ray of light is all I’ve got.

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