Horses Vs Men; Who's the winner?

Came across this piece of writing (Times, I think); I aint a feminist, but I strongly agree with the sentiment. Not many (heterosexual) men treat their partners as equals, and the ones who give them the respect they deserve are even fewer.

Perhaps this won't come as a surprise, but I can tell you that nine out of ten horsey women would sooner spend time with their horses than their husbands. This was the result of a poll carried out by trotontv.com, a new social networking site. And while some see this as an admission of inadequacy from the women, others see it as a demonstration of the inadequacy of the husbands.

According to the survey, the women see their horses as “a friend who helps them to understand ... about patience and freedom”. They add that when riding, they feel “connected, fulfilled and exhilarated” and, furthermore, it is the time when they are “least likely to feel vulnerable”. But are we really talking about the shortcomings of men - or are we talking about the truly remarkable relationship between humans and horses?

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