Define: Procrastination

The thing we do when we don't want to do what we have to do. I have been doing it a lot over the past few days; thought listing the reasons for not doing the work would be a good eye opener, and- well, provide a better reason for the procrastination.

  • Can't find the pencil/paper/eraser.
  • After a cup of tea.
  • A starter cigarette.
  • See Bangladesh Vs Zimbabwe (only one over- its work afterwards).
  • This topic is lame. need something 'Special'.
  • Will watch TV till the Ad break.
  • Will check twitter/facebook.
  • Need to cut the fingernails.
  • Room looks dirty. Get the office boy.
  • The key chain was loose. need to fix it before I lose the keys.
  • Only five cigarettes at hand. will get three more- shouldn't go out once the work starts
  • After lunch.
  • Shoes look dirty.
  • Desk needs to be organized.
  • How much water should one drink everyday? Google it!
  • Define: dillhole (or any other term I overhear- and I don't understand).
Maybe there are plenty more, but can't recall them. Hope I never use these excuses again.

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Sriram JP said...

how long did you procrastinate to write this blog :)