Getting out of the Data Garbage

I hate it when people talk about things no one (OK, not many) is interested in.

Fatsos talking about endurance sports.
The canteen guy talking about the escapades of his favorite film star.
Retired dads talking about nations politics.

the reason for this angry outburst- twitter. and the people I follow. I don't want to know that you have run out of clean undergarments, or what did that cute guy across the road look like. I don't care if you are lazy and bored.

I might have- if you were a celebrity. When I see my twitter stream/ blogroll, I like to see some info that is useful, or funny (better still- both). like 'Shitmydadsays' or 'Adscam'. I'm following you because you are my friend (and you asked me to add you). but if you continue clogging my social arteries with grade 3 filth- then you're going out.

My time and peace of mind are worth more to me than what you feel.

Here's a piece of advice: post/tweet something interesting. I might forgive you for past mistakes, and follow you again.

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