I could have done that, you know, but...

Was watching "So You Think You Can Dance" on AXN. Auditions for a new season.

Most of the guys were teens, or people just out of college. Ones who love dancing. Most of them got selected. They had grace, knew the steps etc. looked good.

But what stopped me from flipping the channel was the performance of people in their mid and late 20s. They were of  two types: ones who want to be on the show, and try year after year (that’s what they said), and the ones I’d like to call ‘Hobby Dancers’.

Most of the ones who try every year were pathetic. They sucked, and they didn’t know it (even if they did- it didn’t show). Many were aghast with judges, some offered lame excuses... same story. The Loser Bunch.

But the Hobby Dancers? They were marvelous. There was a cop, a school teacher, a nurse… and every one of them rocked the stage. Some were not that good ‘technically’ (that’s what the judges said), but the energy and enthusiasm they brought was infectious. Just looking at their mini-performances made me happy. And most of them were shortlisted.

Why did I write this? To serve me as a reminder. If I really love something- I’ll find ways to get good at it; not offer lame excuses like “Life’s hard... I have to work 12 hour shifts, travelling is a bitch, blah, blah, blah.”  Or “I have plenty of distractions, I’ll quit this job and work on (insert your favorite hobby here). I will get somewhere in a years time.”

Reasons are just that: Reasons. You got to do what you got to do. No ifs, no butts.

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