What Is Reality?

I have been a big fan of Alan Moore- ever since I stumbled upon 'Watchmen' graphic Novel some five years ago.

Was going through this wikiquote Page. one line stood out; made me take it in a different context, but held its meaning. Here it is:
Truth is a well-known pathological liar. It invariably turns out to be Fiction wearing a fancy frock.
We keep blaming other stuff for everything that happens to us. Couldn't go for a jog in the morning? well, I had to work late, and I was exhausted. Got shitcaned for not finishing the work in time? that intern across the hall didn't give the updates when he was supposed to- and so on.

It IS the truth, I agree. But does it consider the two hours you spent playing farmville/mafia wars which made you work late? or the fact that you forgot to ask the intern update you regularly?

What to do, then? I don't know; I am not equipped to answer this. Until I can do so- All I can do is observe, and report the contents here- as honest as possible.

Oh, and you can read more about Alan Moore here, here and here.

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