Catch it- if you can :P

This is why I love cricket matches; even boring ones. Reminds me of my life (or how my life should be), most of the times.

Nothing happens for an eternity, and then, out of nowhere, something awesome happens. and you can spend the rest of the day (or night) thinking it would happen again.

Like this catch.

Maybe the fact that he weighs less than 200 grams might have helped to defy gravity.

Until that moment- it was hard to believe a T20 match was going on. Swap colored clothing with whites, and you would easily be watching a test.

Then this kid, Steven Smith, takes a ripper.

It set the tone; Dave Warner came out and did what Gayle was supposed to do.

Wish I could do something like this. at least, it would make the boring parts of my life bearable.

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