Dictionary and Indian authors: what't the deal?

“The iridescent hues of dusk segued into the darkening grey of the night.”

This is the first line of Sentinel House, a Novel by Late Allen Mendonca.

Flimsy story, weak characterization, too many characters, not enough direction; but the words come straight from a verbal ability test or a spelling bee contest.
I have started to think that the purpose of a novel is to show people how wonderful the author’s vocabulary is.

This 'Dictionary' attitude can be seen in many Indian authors; they try to use the heaviest word possible to describe the scene. Why? I don’t know. And the ones who write easy to understand prose- are called chick lit authors (the fact that most of them are- is another case altogether).

Here is a request to the English writers of India: Please give us something that doesn’t require a visit to the dictionary every ten seconds. You have the talent; please use them to weave interesting tales, not write something no layman would understand. Following Shakespearean rules in this era might get applause from critics, but will definitely turn the masses away.


Sriram JP said...

hey I feel sleepy after reading the first line!
how the hell did u manage to complete the whole book ?

katrina said...

Good try to manage the list of indian author great good going

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