Enjoying the traffic

I have a knack of getting into bad traffic, no matter the time.
Good enough reason to stay irritated; but I have begun to enjoy the madness.

There’s nothing to it actually; start looking at others who think their life savings have been nuked (i.e., everyone). The sameness in the behavior of ‘individuals’ is quite a treat to watch.

The ‘herd’ mentality can be seen quite vividly; everyone tries to overtake from the left side of the road (which is not the right practice, by the way). Even when the right side of the road is quite clear- mainly because the guy ahead went to the left of that bus.  

Honking incessantly. Don’t know what goes through the minds of these people. Does their head say “if you press the horn to shout louder than everyone else, the traffic in front will magically disappear”? or “if the sound crosses 2000dB, you will start flying in the air”? I don’t know. But when these don’t happen- the constipated look on their faces- is better than Jim Carrey could ever give.

Car guys blocking bikes. You know, more often than not, the gaps between the big vehicles are more than enough for bikes to squeeze in easily, and get ahead. I have seen car guys move their vehicle in an angle after a bike went through that gap, preventing other bikes from doing the same. I can think of only one reason- jealousy. “How can this dumbass get ahead of me when I’m languishing here?” seems to be the outlook.

Running away from the cops. If one side of the road is empty, while the other side is overcrowded, it is safe to assume that cops are standing on that side. Even though cops nowadays don’t catch people who haven’t committed traffic violations, people tend to think on ‘what if’ terms, and try to steer clear. Typical ‘I might have done something wrong’ mentality.

There are many more, but can’t seem to recall them. Will do another post if I remember them.


Sriram JP said...

remember something u wrote about Cochin long time back, u still have that?

Kris Nayak said...

What did I write? Don't seem to remember it. What was it about?