is it laziness- or ignorance?

People are careful (if you don’t include the dimwits and knuckleheads, that is). They think twice before leaving their (empty) wallet on their desk. Even kids kick the shit out of their siblings because they *touched* their toys.

But I’m appalled how negligent people are with their all too valuable information. This windows phone 7 video (found via Adfreak) made me realize how easy life would be for pickpocketers. And this website, which is nothing but a decorated twitter search page, shows how bad the social networking scenario is. Anyone can do anything to you- rob your house in this case- no need to spend hours researching your habits; everything is online.

No one seems to know that old adage “if you wouldn’t shout it out aloud in a crowded place, then don’t say it on social networking sites”.

Maybe that’s the problem. People think they’re alone in that bad online world. Or they don’t know that other information they dish out is almost as valuable as their credit card numbers. It is a field day for the bad guys out there.

Should I change my profession? An identity thief, maybe? Looks lot easier than convincing others to safeguard their data.

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