Really Bad Day

Bad day at work. Huge traffic jam while returning. I silently cursed myself. “Can this day get any worse?”
Then I reached the flyover, and was promptly stuck again (in the traffic, that is).
I didn’t understand what this jam was all about. Some VIP passing through, maybe; time to curse the day again.
Few seconds into cursing- the reason for jam was apparent. The building adjacent to the flyover was on fire.
People jumping out of windows. Jumping from cauldron to fire. Horrible. Couldn’t believe my eyes. Worst of it: I couldn’t do anything to help them. I was struck in a bloody jam, on a flyover.
The badness of the day had ceased into insignificance.
Fire was doused quickly, traffic was cleared, and I went home.
Logged on to Google news. There were pictures of the building- from the inside.
This guy, who was trapped in a corner, was updating his twitter stream. No, not the panicky types of tweets, but ones with dry humor and calmness.
“A Corner House treat to whoever gets a picture of me looking out of the window. Seriously, people, there's no need to panic. Bad for you.”
(note to self: get that camera phone/DSLR now.)
Simple example of “when you can do something- don’t keep worrying, do it. And if you can’t do anything about it, then there’s no use in worrying, isn’t it?” case.
Hats off, jackerhack. I’m a fan.

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