Don't fight with pigs- or Policemen

It’s a long drive, from my home to office; 20+KMs, or 45 minutes. Others might complain, but I enjoy the ride. Avoiding traffic, narrow lanes, faces of people getting irritated at the shortest of triggers… more like a joy ride in the morning.
Was doing the same thing today when a cop asked me to pull over. I was more of astonished rather than afraid, as I was going at 60kmph, and hadn’t broken any traffic rules. ‘what happened, sir?’ I asked politely.
The policeman started his tirade off. “are you playing on the road? Show your license!” he thundered. Handed my license to him- and said “I wasn’t playing, sir. You might have mistaken me for someone else.”
The guy gave a stare that could have killed me if it could. The voice was stern now: “you were changing indicators every two seconds. On the overbridge! Where there are no turns! What were you trying to do? ”
Well, the guy didn’t know that people are supposed to turn their indicators on when they shift lanes. And the traffic, which constituted mainly of buses, demanded I weave between them, changing lanes- or travel at 10 kph. Took a long time establishing the fact; he was adamant that I was at fault, and I need to pay fine for obstructing the traffic. I, on the other hand, kept smiling, which irritated him further.
Just as the cop was trying to take my bike into custody, a traffic inspector arrived. He knew that his cop was on the wrong side, and let me go with an apology of an apology.
Lessons learned: Don’t fight, or even argue, with a policeman; even if you are right. You get fined (which you would get anyway, but arguing doubles the amount), and the guy might slip the entire amount in his pocket.

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Sriram JP said...

its better than the one when a policeman accused you of killing him when u didnt stop :)