Dreams and realities: a(n unrealistic) survey

Have been listening to ‘we must get out of this damned corporate life’ cry from lots of acquaintances. Thought it might be a good idea to verify their claims.

first: the survey is not scientific. It makes even the unscientific ones look like excerpts from The Scientific American (or Indian). It’s conclusion is entirely biased; and you can quote the contents of this post elsewhere at your own risk.

97.86% of my acquaintances complain about the monotony of their work and deadlines.
0.01% of above folk actually have tried to find out where their interests lie.

213% of the target audience complain about tight deadlines and the late hours they put at work.
13.14% of the above mentioned actually work during work hours, instead of changing their social network status every 10 minutes, reading weird blog posts (like this) and watching useless youtube videos.

179% say their boss is a hard-arse.
Only 3% of the above have done nothing to invite their boss’s wrath.

956% say their boss doesn’t encourage their creativity, and forces her/his opinions on them.
0.3% of the above come up with a better alternative to the plan given by their boss.
0.2% of the above actually tell their boss about this plan.
99.999% of these plans get approved.

97.55% want to go to a village/secluded place and start farming or something vague.
8% of the above know about farming or that something vague they want to do.
765% want to start an alternative career- like painting, writing a novel, photography, sculpture etc.
764% of the above will start in their chosen paths once they get that imported tool (expensive paintbrush, moleskine notebooks, uber expensive DSLR, hammer made out of diamond).

Rest of the survey is an illegible mess of swearwords, doodles, and drools (I tend to doze off in face of baloney).

everyone wants to do something in their life, but most aren’t comfortable enough to leave the high-paying job and follow the dream. Heck, most aren’t comfortable enough to think about their dreams.

It is a sad little world.


Sriram JP said...

have u seen me complaining ;)

Kris Nayak said...

You dont belong to this category at all, Dude. Just stay the way you are!