League of (extra)ordinary Gentlemen

I have been a big fan of cricket, and if I have nothing to do (or if the work at hand can wait), I can easily lay back down and watch any form of cricket, no matter how bad the matches are. Even the Hong Kong Vs Bermuda matches- if they are telecast live.

Few first class matches happened today caught my attention: Deodhar Trophy Final (West Zone Vs North Zone), and England Vs. Bangladesh A. The England match was stripped of its first class status; too bad, because two unknown Bangladeshis Made merry of England's ploy of forcing a declaration (and have some batting practice), by doing this:

The Deodhar Trophy Final was a relatively tight affair, and the only bright spot being Yusuf Pathan's stunning counterattack. Scoring a 50 off 18 balls is difficult enough; to do so when 5 wickets are down and 168 more to get- is simply inhuman. Wonder what happens to him in international matches.

Maybe what they said about every dog having its day is true. Like Ali Cook- who gave away 111 runs in 30 balls. He definitely can't hit the ball over 30 yard circle, but that doesn't prevent him from giving the fastest century off his own bowling. Great sport- in a wierd kind of way.

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