Google Play: StumbleUpon alternative?

This morning, when I logged in to Google reader (to get my daily fix of gyaan and crap), I could see a small strip:

"No... not another buzz!" I thought, and clicked the link. and yes, my fears were confirmed.
Google is trying its own StumbleUpon.
And as almost all replicas/clones are, this one, too, is pretty inferior.
I have never been a big fan of SU, but this imitation made me go have another look at it. I couldn't find much differences, but the layout- and the whole thing- looks clean, and well- thought.
Google play doesn't (or didn't when I checked) display images in its 'played' websites.
The name is pretty crappy too. Why would I call some random site visit tool as 'Play'? something like 'find' or 'weird' (or StumbleUpon) would have been better :P

I thought this video was funny. But after the disastrous Buzz and now this awful Play, I think there might be some truth in it.

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Sriram JP said...

hahaha hilarious video :)

Btb I use reddit better than digg or stumble upon!