Eschew Obfuscation: Take 2

Value Justification. Benchmarking. Personalization. Incremental Improvement. Success Metrics. User Intent.

Makes sense? Not to me. The journey into advertising world has been a roller coaster ride. This is THE place to be one moment, and I couldn’t wait to get out the next. More in line with coke (for weaker hearted, Opium) addiction than a job, I must say.

I thought the business was all about selling, and helping people buy my client’s products or services.

Oh No. there’s more to it, I was told. It’s all about (insert your favorite buzzword(s) here). people need to build relationships with our clients. Target audience determines the message (not the tone of the message, mind you). ‘You need to build experiences, not sell products. Once the brand loyalty is built, they will purchase from our client’.

And I thought people brought the best deal available to them, or what appealed to them the most at that instant. How silly of me.

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