I write like...

Makin' ads posted about this site which analyzes ones writing style, and compares it to- um- someone famous. Fun for a while. One of George Parker's foul but awesome posts on facebook resembles Dan Brown (bet the old man wouldn't like that!); Facebook's privacy policy is written by Cory Doctrow. here's the coup de grace- typed in a bunch of text from adventures of Tom Sawyer, and the site said 'Mark Twain'. Awesome!
Anyway, when I analyzed an old blog post of mine, I got this:

I write like
J. D. Salinger

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Absolutely thrilled. Bit scared, too. I mean, I thought (and still think) of Salinger as my hero; but to have such an influence, as to write like him, what about my style?

Enough of my rants. what about your style? let me know!


Solomon said...

Hi Kris,

Good blog,buddy! I like your very informal tone, keep it up.

I chanced upon your blog through LI.

I tested my writing ... I write like James Joyce it seems. I don't know how it feels.

Keep writing!

Sriram JP said...


I pasted today's post and got Jonathan Swift :))

btb i tried another blog post I David foster Wallace

and the finally I took my biggest post and checked it out ,you know what I got H. G. Wells!!!

See I write like everybody ;)