Book Review: Incredible High

Came across a 'teaser' section of this book last week at Cafe Coffee Day. 'Nice idea for book promotion', I thought. Loads of people who'd have nothing to do while waiting for their friends to join 'em will browse through this small booklet, and if at least 10% of them brought the book...
That good a marketing idea, coupled by the snippets of crossing dangerous rivers (on Royal Enfields, no less) literally forced me to go out and buy the book.

175 bucks poorer (and more importantly- after losing 3 IMPORTANT hours of my SUNDAY), I found out that the promo material was the best part of the book. To tell the truth, the book was a conveniently disguised version of five point someone (or any other Indian teen-lit that followed it).
There's the protagonist, and his friends are in Kanpur, suffering from parental pressure, peer pressure, girl pressure, what not. "The world is against me, I'm a loser" plot occupies about a hundred pages. The realization that one has to something meaningful takes up the next few pages. How do these guys plant to 'get their lives back'? by travelling to Leh on bike. Genius.
But wait, they aren't driving from Kanpur. The bike leg of the journey starts from Manali (or Shimla, Don't know; I seriously stopped caring by then). Around 400-500 KMs. Oh, on the way they smoke Marijuana, confess their deepest fears, and emerge 'better' people. And the guy gets to nail the girl on the way.

'Rebels on a roadtrip'?
Gimmie a break.

'Sissies on a cryway' sounds more like it.


Sriram JP said...

u shd have finished the book over the coffee!

Kris Nayak said...

I did :(