'Might work' idea: Gadget comparison site

I have been thinking of getting a Washing machine (washing my bedsheets, curtains, and jeans takes most of my weeekend, and I need that time to something better!) for a while now, and thought of checking the price on the online version of these big offline electronic stores (ezone, unilet, croma etc) so that I can physically collect the stuff today.
Turns out there are a lot of physical shops with online presence. And it turns out searching for a washing machine on all of them takes a good part of a day.
What a waste.
So, here comes the idea: why cant we create a portal that'll help us search for any device on all these sites, and compare the prices on these stores? something on the lines of what ixigo has done for air travel. And I think you can earn money by partnering with these stores and display ads.
I don't have time or expertise to do it on my own, but I think this might help loads of people. If you are interested, please execute it and pass the link on- I need it more than anything :)


Sriram JP said...

try this

Kris Nayak said...

Compareindia allows us to compare products, buddy. I want something that picks data up from ezone, croma, adishwars etc- and provide me the price comparison on these physical stores, so that I can save the time I might spend finding the prices of products by visiting these stores personally.