Seriously, it ain't funny.

Was going through this new site- full of funny stuff. Came across this:
NOT funny.

Somewhere down the line, ads have ceases to become 'selling' vehicles; they are 'attention grabbers' now. No one (ad agencies, to be precise) cares about how much digital ads managed to sell; it's all about 'number of impressions' an ad creates. positive or negative, no one cares.

Ads are creeping in to alll the annoying parts of our digital experience; ads in captchas, for instance. Did any one wonder what effect would it have on brands for a moment? Captchas are almost second to none in irritating people- having an ad would transfer the irritation to the brand. Bad.

No one cares. Interrupt the viewer, grab his attention, show the 'impressions' statistics to clients, earn money. User experience be damned. Other ad mediums aren't better; looks like advertising isn't about selling anymore. Brand building, brand identity, communications... You know what, planner hotshot, brand isn't something you get by following a guideline book. You establish a brand by creating great products, great customer service and following it up with great advertising.

Forgive me for getting delusional.


Sriram JP said...

you dont have anyother option to grab users in internet these days!

Kris Nayak said...

There's no need to scare people into seeing your ads. Bad reputation is better than no reputation, I think.