Overtly Delayed Movie review: American History X

Have been planning to watch this movie for a long time, but never had the time or the attention span. All stars finally lined up on New Year’s Eve: Alone at home, nothing to do, and about a bottle of scotch in my stomach.

Maybe it’s the scotch speaking, but I hadn’t seen a movie that moved me this much. There were movies which scared me (Das Experiment and Requiem for a dream), movies which scarred me for life (countless), and movies which made me sad (Life is beautiful), but none made me feel the way Vinyard brothers did.

The neo-Nazi movement, the violence, raising middle fingers to authority- they didn’t impress me much. There are a truckload of other movies based on the same issues. It’s the relationship between brothers, and the way Derek changes when he realizes his actions have consequences on his family- made me think about the way I’ve been handling myself.

If you have a younger sibling- or any one who looks up to you- please watch this movie. Gives a new perspective to the way you behave.

It’s been a day since I watched the movie, and one question keeps bubbling up: have I been a good brother?

Happy New year, Everyone.

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Sriram JP said...

u have been good to yr bro!
so better throw away yr misconceptions and start 2011 with a positive note!