How can you ask me that?

Not a bad question if you pose a stupid, or irrelevant, question. It might make you realise that you are taking the other person for granted.

But what if you get this as an answer to a serious question you pose? one thing, and one thing only:  the other person is hurt because of your actions.

What do you do then? well, the obvious answer is to correct yourself, but that doesn't happen often.

We tend to talk in a different way with the person. "c'mon, its a simple question, and I'd love to hear your opinion". It's a commendable thing, you asking the person you've scorned to help you out. It's your way of letting the person know that you want them in your life.

But they don't see it that way. It's just someone who shouldn't have hurt them asking them for another favour.

All of us believe we have some kind of right over the ones close to us, and no matter what we do, they will be OK. But they won't be. If this continues, they will hardly care about us.

I read in a book that the opposite of love isn't hate; its apathy. You know, that thing where the other person doesn't care what happens to you.

Try not to let that happen.

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