Speaking from a higher plane

Another day, another interview.

This time, the experience was really bad.

I drove down for an hour to the venue, only to be treated like some favor was being bestowed upon me.

The interviewed went through my profile, and chanced upon a brochure I worked on.

It started off with a quote from Dizzy Gillespie.

She said “did you write this?”

I said yes.

“Well, what is it you have written? I can get this by searching google.”

I could have said something about knowing what to use, or how there’s nothing new under the sun. I didn’t.

The insults continued, and the woman basically suggested that she could’ve done everything that I had. She even dropped some douchey account guy quotes.

Mercifully, the discussion didn’t last long. When we were heading out, I tried to pull the door open for her.

I had just laid my hand on the doorknob, and she said “you are supposed to push it, not pull.”

As if it was the most obvious thing to do in the whole world, and I was a moron who didn’t know a thing.

Knowledge and thinking that you have the knowledge are entirely different. The first one usually makes you polite, and the second one – a pain in the ass.

May God have mercy on her underlings.

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