Time and again

It’s a funny thing, our perception of time.

The more we are occupied in something we like, the slower it seems to go.

I was heading to an interview today, on my bike.

The location was about 30 minutes away from my place – and I encountered heavy traffic from the moment I left home.

After what felt like about half an hour of slow driving, I thought I should call the organization and let them know that I would be late.

Funny enough, only ten minutes had passed since I left home.

Soon I was in the clear, riding as fast as I could. No more hurdles till I reached the place.

Felt as if I had taken about ten minutes to reach there – but it was nearly 30 minutes.

When I had to concentrate on the traffic and drive cautiously, I was engaged fully – and it felt as if I was taking forever.

But when I was relaxed and cruising, time flew.

Interview went well, but I couldn’t stop thinking how fickle my sense of time was.

All the more reason to find something that I’d like to do.

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