Best laid plans

I have been trying to have a fixed routine, a plan that will help me maximize my time and help me get to the destination.

But things have their own way of unravelling. Instead of sleeping at 11 PM, I'm still awake at 4 AM. Instead of getting up at 7, I am getting up at 11.

I plan to go for a morning jog, get up early even, but my leg's busted - and I can't even walk for the next few days.

When the plan fails, it hurts a lot more - you wanted do something, but it didn't happen. The only conclusion mind draws is 'you are not good enough to stick to your own decisions'.

But plans are meant to be a rigid structure. They are supposed to help you do what you want, and finish the tasks. But we impose a time frame on it, without considering other factors, and end up feeling worse.

I read somewhere that if we are still sticking to the initial plan to the T when we are approaching an end - then we have failed. Plans are just the guides which help us focus and find something better. And there's always something better.

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