Bolt wins the 200. Again.

Not a shocking news, but wasn't a foregone conclusion either.

This man, Bolt, not only defeats his opponents, he demoralises them.

Even before he completed the sprint, he turned to Blake and did the 'keep quiet' sign.

I think defeating his opponent was more important than the extra milliseconds he'd have gained.

Fair deal, considering he holds the world record. Would he do the same if someone else held it? I don't know.

But that didn't make me sit up and take notice.

Other sprinters who lost were remarkably cool during the interviews.

You've just lost the biggest race of your career, and you brush it off as if it were nothing?

Some of them might not even get another chance to compete.

Show some emotions. Trying to behave in a politically correct manner might get the nod from the world, but not you.

Shout. Scream. Cry. Hurl obscenities. But please don't say 'I will take it in my stride.'

There aren't many things which are worse than resigning to one's fate.

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