Enola Gay

The face of the world changed 67 years ago, on this day.

I don't know if it was necessary, but the fact that it hasn't happened again (after 9th august, 1945, that is) makes me think that the countries who wield that kind of power must be led by people with great self control.

If I have a sickle in my hand when I'm walking through a jungle, I'd cut at least 50% of the shrubs around me.

Some shrubs will get cut because of the necessity to have a clear path, but majority of them would get cut because I have a sickle in my hand. No other reason.

The temptation to use power is irresistible. Using it all the time bites us in the ass eventually, but we all do it anyway.

That's why we have colleagues who complain about running out of salary before the first week ends, spouses cheating on each other again and again, and people procrastinating.

They have the power to do stuff, and they exercise it - being fully aware that they'll repent it later.

Wonder if any of the national leaders are interested in teaching some self restraint. If I make enough money, I'll join.

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