Freedom from everything.

On 15th august last year, one of the property developers in Bangalore released one ad.

It said something like "64 years ago, even the British thought it was a good idea to get back to their own home."

there aren't many ads which make you think, and consider what it is like to own a home. This ad did that, and more.

I actually called up the number to find out more about the property in question.

It was well above my budget, but me actually following up after reading an ad - had never happened before.

At that moment, I felt happy to be in this industry. Every ideal that I believed in while getting into advertising was surmised in that one moment.

We have the power to shape the opinions of people around us. But sadly, there aren't many who take it seriously. In fact, I have not seen one ad in Indian media which made me think that way ever since, or before that.

Uncle Ben said it right: 'with great powers, comes great responsibility." Most of the times, we concentrate on grabbing eyeballs, try to find newer ways to get in front of prospective customers. We come up with innovative ways to do that, but one we are there - we fall flat. Just like the dog chasing cars is all bewildered when it actually catches up with the car.

Sooner we ad guys understand the responsibility part, the better our advertising is going to be.

Happy Independence day, wherever you are.

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