Learning & Improving

Before 2009 Ashes, Shane Warne Said a few things about England Players. Most notable among them was his quote about Monty Panesar.

"The sign of a good player in Test cricket is one who improves. You say Monty has played 30-odd Tests. But I think he is one of those guys who has played one Test 30 times. And there is a big difference.” 

More often than not, we see similar people at work. Worse, we can be one too. Ones who have years of experience, yet do the same stuff over and over again.

Why do we stop learning and improving ourselves? Complacency seems to be the answer, but I think it is self doubt.

We don't want to fail, and we try our best to diss what might be potential failures.

The bad thing about it - we are dissing potential success too.

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