Looking for the answers

Few months ago,  I read a post about Seth Godin's book, Poke the box:Workbook.

The description said that the book helps us get answers so that we find what we want, or something like that.

The post also mentioned that the book was sold out in less that 24 hours.

That brings us to my question: Are we that incapable of asking the right questions?

I don't think so. We want answers, but we don't want to look for a long while for them.

We find something, make choices, and we constantly look out for assurances that we've picked the right thing.

We want to know that the answers we find are going to stay relevant for the rest of our lives.

Over time, we've grown afraid of finding our own path towards success, and we catch hold of anything that leads us down that direction.

What happened to "Its the journey that matters more than the destination"?

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