Stay hungry, stay foolish.

I haven't eaten anything for past 36 hours, and I have been rejecting job offers that are in front of me left, right and centre.

I guess that makes me hungry, and foolish.

Steve jobs made the quote famous in his iconic speech to Stanford university graduates.

I don't think he was talking about my condition, but somewhere I can relate to it.

Staying hungry thing is because of lack of food at home, and staying foolish - well, that comes to me automatically.

But I think it is for the good, anyway. I have to find something that I truly want to do, and this hungry and foolish thing is making me think a lot about my actions over the past few years.

Quitting a well-salaried job and moving in to advertising - seemed foolish 36 hours ago, but it was the hunger to do something that led me to it.

Just finishing the task at hand and waiting for a good one to come up seemed like hunger, but it was utter foolishness.

Funny how not eating a morsel of food makes me think differently.

I'm going to eat something now, and hopefully I'll get the hungry and foolish part right this time.

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