true lies - social media edition.

The trailers of new Hindi film 'heroine' are on TV. Looks like typical Hindi film stuff, but one dialogue caught my attention.

"If you lie with enough confidence, people will believe it to be true."

Holds true of advertising industry, especially the social media section.

The great ad contrarian has been shouting about it at the top of his voice for quite lone about this, but not many from the accounts sections seemed to value the hard info that he presents. In fact, they continue to quote the same reports Mr. Contrarian tears apart, and use them in their presentations.

I'll tell something confidently now too, and see it used in some presentation thousands of miles ago.

"97.8% of social media evangelists believe that facebook is going to take over the world in, um, roughly 73.84 days".

That's an actual statistic. go on, feel free to use it.

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