Is it possible to know someone like the back of your hand and yet give them a feeling that you don't understand them?

I guess so. You can understand their actions and efforts, but the way you do things - the way you have ALWAYS been doing things - makes them feel as if you haven't understood them at all.

And maybe if things aren't going right, you can totally get lost in your own thoughts and don't give importance to what the other person says.

Anyway, the only solutions to the problem are either 1. wait until the other person see that you actually do understand, but you have been doing things in a different way, or 2. change yourself.

The second option is tricky, because you are entering into uncharted territory and if you don't get things right, the other one will think that you are full of shit. First option is tricky too, because you will be misunderstood for a long while until you bring results. It might even be too late, in some cases.

I think a mix of both is the right way to do. What mix - I don't know, still in the process of figuring it out. But unless it is done right, the partnership isn't heading anywhere.

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