Wasting time

Over the past few weeks, I have attended quite a few interviews. It hasn't been going that well, but I think some part of the blame lies with my attitude.

I don't like people who waste my time.

I have attended at least 15 interviews, and only one person among the fifteen - just one - was ready to interview me on time.

3 guys made me wait for more than an hour to conduct the interview.

Add the fact that I usually at least fifteen minutes early, I have wasted more than ten hours of my peak attention time.

My time is worth jackshit to the interviewers, but if they aren't coordinated enough to know when they're conducting interviews, chances are their work is going to be haphazard too.

I don't want to work at such places.

I know it sounds awfully prudish of me to say things like this when I don't have a job, but I think its better to take a stand now instead of suffering later.

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