Wishful thinking

Was reminded of an old insurance ad from a few years ago (I don't know if it was an insurance ad, but here it goes).

A guy walking on the road looks longingly at the man with a bike. The man on the bike, looks longingly at the man in the car. The man in the car, completely bald, looks longingly at the pedestrian from the first shot, who has really nice hair.

No matter what we have, we want something more. Today's 'enough' is tomorrow's necessity.

Maybe it's this attitude that helps us get up early, and forces us to do something meaningful with our lives.

But I have seen people, and was a victim of, thinking the reverse.

Living the "any way I can't get what I want, so let me just quit and relax with what's at my disposal" life.

It has been a good few years since I last felt that way, and I honestly can't remember how I got out of it. If you guys have any tips, let me know.

I need them now.

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