Need some help

I believe that every decision I make is actually done by 3 people.

My past, present,and future selves.

The past self asks me to chase my dreams, and tells me that if I persist, everything will be OK.

The present self just wants to sleep, or favours the least resistive path. Often it is in line with the grand visions of the past self.

The future self? It knows what needs to be done. But I have ignored it's cries for action, because it was in the minority.

Basically, I'm trying not to be swayed by emotions. As they say, emotions are good advisers but bad kings. I have been trying to do this for a while, and have been confronted vehemently - by the ones close to me, and worse - by myself.

I keep trying to make others understand that deciding based on what others say is more important than deciding according to how they feel at that moment. And over the past few days, diverting from this has caused some unsolvable complications.

All of these make me think that we're all addicts of some type or the other. We are actively seeking help, and we are either aware of it, or we aren't.

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