Finishing off the job

I have a problem: I can't sleep until I finish the task at hand.

This has resulted in countless sleepless nights. And days.

Same thing happened today too.

I left work before I finished the task at hand, and I have been sitting in front of the PC at home since.

Inexplicably, not a single shred of job is done.

Everyone I know says what I do isn't the right thing, and I should let go.

And I am wasting precious hours trying to do a job which I am in no condition to finish off.

Finally, I have decided to take all the advice, step back, and go to bed.

Whether I sleep or not doesn't matter; I have to get away from this 'finish the work' mode.

Hope I get ideas which will help me finish it off in a few hours.


Soumya said...

Better try to divert ur attention before going to sleep... Else I am sure u wont sleep :) I try playing with my son or read Calvin strips...

Kris Nayak said...

That's what i did - picked up my brother's textbook. was asleep soon, I guess.

And I'd rather not try Calvin Strips - I won't stop before I finish all of them once I start!